Catalyst 5000 Switch Diagnostic Tools show Commands

You are expected to be familiar with the Catalyst switch's set, clear, and show commands. This section will focus on reviewing those commands (mostly show commands) that are essential for diagnostics and troubleshooting. First, though, it is important to emphasize the value of the online help utility of Catalyst switch's IOS. One of the great features of the Catalyst switch's IOS help utility is that if you seek help or make a mistake, it provides you with the full syntax of the command you are interested in, instead of just telling you what the next expected parameter is, or that you made a syntactical error. If you know and type part of the configuration command that you need, and type help or ? after that, the help utility will still provide you with the syntax expected. The following commands are covered in this section:

set and clear show system show test show interface show log show mac show module

• show span and show flash

• show spantree

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