Review Questions

Use the questions here to review what you learned in this chapter. The correct answers are found in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."

1. Presence information is available over which of the following?

a. BLF speed dials b. Speed dials c. Abbreviated dialing d. Fast Dial IP Phone service

2. Which component is required for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator?

a. Cisco Unity b. Cisco Emergency Responder c. Presence Server d. Cisco MeetingPlace Express

3. Which technology is enabled with the Cisco Presence server?

a. Cisco IP Phone Messenger application b. Call History Presence c. Speed Dial Presence d. Call Directory Presence

4. Which device is a watcher using Presence terminology?

a. Calling party b. Called party c. Presence server d. Remote party

5. Which Presence message type is used for the watcher to check the status of a Presence entity?

a. SIP subscribe b. SIP notify c. SIP refer d. SIP redirect

6. What are the three possible states of a watched directory number?

a. Unregistered b. On-hook c. Off-hook d. Ringing e. Ringing: Feature f. Hold

7. Which of the following devices is a Presence entity?

a. Calling party b. Called party c. Remote party d. Redirected number

8. Which two features restrict the watching functionality of a watcher watching a Presence entity in the same Presence group?

a. Subscribe calling search space b. Calling search space c. Partition d. Class of service

9. Which three SIP features would restrict a watcher from watching a Presence group over a SIP trunk?

a. Presence group b. Subscribe calling search space c. Route pattern d. Translation pattern e. Inter-Presence group policy

10. Presence groups apply to which of the following Presence features?

a. BLF speed dials b. Call lists c. Speed dials d. Speed Dial

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