Review Questions

Use the questions here to review what you learned in this chapter. The correct answers are found in Appendix A, "Answers to Chapter Review Questions."

1. Which of the following media resources act as a language translator?

a. Transcoder b. Software conference bridge c. Annunciator d. Music on hold

2. Which of the following media resources require hardware (digital signal processors)?

a. Conference bridge b. Music on hold c. Transcoding d. Annunciator

3. Which device protocol is used to set up media resources?



4. Which two scenarios require a media termination point?

a. Mixed-mode audio conference b. RFC 2833 on Type A phone c. RFC 2833 on Type B phone d. Supplementary services on H.323 Version 1 endpoint e. Supplementary services on H.323 Version 2 endpoint

5. Which audio codec is supported in software conferencing?

a. iLBC

6. What are the two media resource deployment models?

a. Standalone b. Centralized c. Co-resident d. Distributed

7. What are two types of valid conferences?

a. Reservationless b. Ad hoc c. Scheduled d. Meet-me e. Broadcast

8. Which network technology limits the processor utilization of music on hold on CUCM?

a. Multicast b. Broadcast c. Unicast d. Anycast

9. Which multicast IP address is used for local multicast?


10. What is the maximum number of MoH streams for a 7845 server?

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