Presence Enabled Speed Dials and Lists

Users are more mobile than ever in the current working environment. Users work from home, the office, airport lounges, and so on. To communicate with others efficiently, it is helpful to know their current availability. How can the user be reached (phone, instant messaging [IM], or e-mail), and are they ready to communicate? Cisco Unified Communications solutions feature presence information that identifies user availability, preference, and status. This level of presence information requires a dedicated Cisco Unified Presence server.

Basic Presence is an integrated part of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) beginning with Version 6.0. Basic Presence information includes only device status (on-hook, off-hook, and unregistered). Presence allows Unified Communications users to monitor the status of directory numbers (DN). This chapter describes how the CUCM Presence feature works and how to configure it.

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