Media Resource Access Control

All media resources are located in a null media resource group by default. Usage of media resources is load balanced between all existing devices. Hardware resources are preferred in the selection algorithm based on their enhanced capabilities (multiple audio codec support) and the reduction of load on the CUCM.

Media resource management controls and manages the media resources within a cluster. The Media Resource Manager (MRM) service enhances CUCM features by making it easier for CUCM to control access to transcoder, annunciator, conferencing, MTP, and MoH resources.

Media resource groups (MRG) define logical groupings of media resources. MRGs create a logical collection of resources and are normally arranged to service a geographical location.

Media resource group lists (MRGL) specify a list of prioritized MRGs. An application can select required media resources from among the available resources according to the priority order that is defined in the MRGL. MRGLs are assigned to devices or device pools. Figure 15-19 illustrates the hierarchical processing order of media resources. MRGLs are similar to route lists, whereas MRGs are similar to route groups.

Figure 15-19 Media Resource Management

Figure 15-19 Media Resource Management

Figure 15-20 shows a media resource management scenario based on arbitrary values for learning purposes.

Figure 15-20 Media Resource Management Example



Conf. 5

Conf. 5






HW_CFB_2 (1 conf.)

MRG SW-CFB SW_CFB_1 (1 conf.) SW_CFB_2 (1 conf.)

Conf. e

The five conference bridges in Figure 15-20 have the following capabilities:

■ HW_CFB_1: 2 conference capacity

■ HW_CFB_2: 1 conference capacity

■ SW_CFB_1: 1 conference capacity

■ SW_CFB_2: 1 conference capacity

■ SW_CFB_3: 1 conference capacity

The following media resource groups have been configured:

The MRGL of MRGL_CFB has MRG_HW-CFB configured as first priority and MRG_SW-CFB listed as second priority.

Assume that six conferences are established from devices that all use the MRGL_CFB MRGL. The conference bridges will be allocated in the following way:

■ The first conference uses conference bridge HW_CFB_1. The second conference uses conference bridge HW_CFB_2, because the resources within an MRG are load shared and not used in the configured order. The third conference uses HW_CFB_1 again because there are available resources available in that conference bridge resource.

■ The fourth conference uses a resource in the second media resource group because the first is out of resources. The fourth conference uses SW_CFB_1, and the fifth conference uses SW_CFB_2.

■ The sixth conference does not find a free resource in either MRG, but it finds SW_CFB_3 in the default list. Resources not assigned to a media resource group can be used by any device.

Three configuration steps are required to configure media resource access control:

Step 1 Configure the MRGs. Step 2 Configure the MRGLs. Step 3 Assign the MRGLs to phones.

To add an MRG, navigate to Media Resources > Media Resource Group in CUCM Administration. At the Media Resource Group Configuration window, enter a name and description for the MRG and add the desired media resources to the MRG. An MRG configuration is illustrated in Figure 15-21.

To add an MRGL, navigate to Media Resources > Media Resource Group List in CUCM Administration. At the Media Resource Group List Configuration window, enter a name for the MRGL and add the desired MRG to the MRGL.

Because the order of MRGs within a MRGL specifies the priorities of the MRG, it is important to list the MRGs in the desired order. In Figure 15-22, hardware conference bridges should be used before software conference bridges.

Figure 15-21 Media Resource Group Configuration

Figure 15-21 Media Resource Group Configuration

Root Cause Template
Figure 15-22 Media Resource Group List Configuration
Root Cause Analysis Template Word

MRGLs can be assigned to devices (phones, trunks, or gateways) or to device pools. In Figure 15-23, an MRGL is assigned directly to an IP phone. If the device pool associated with the phone has a different MRGL, the phone configuration overrides the device pool inheritance.

Figure 15-23 Media Resource Group List Assignment

Figure 15-23 Media Resource Group List Assignment

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