Endpoint Configuration Tools and Elements Overview

There are four ways to add IP phones to CUCM:

■ Auto registration

■ Bulk Administration tool (BAT)

■ Tool for Auto-Registered Phone Support (TAPS)

■ Manual configuration

Auto registration allows Cisco IP Phones to be added to CUCM without the administrator having to first compile a list of MAC address for the endpoints. Auto registration automatically populates phone configuration data, so it is impossible to migrate phone settings from the existing phone system. Configuration changes can be made to the phone using CUCM Administration.

CUCM BAT allows bulk insertion, deletion, or updating of various devices and features, including phones. BAT requires the MAC addresses of the IP phones for phone insertion. Dummy MAC address population is an option in the tool, but dummy MAC addresses can not be used without TAPS.

TAPS leverages BAT and auto registration to deploy phones in a greenfield deployment. TAPS requires a separate Cisco Customer Response Solution (CRS) server but allows the flexibility of auto registering phones to lower deployment times. Administrators must familiarize themselves with the installation and configuration of the Cisco CRS server. BAT is used to configure the phones and users, but the phones are added with dummy MAC addresses. The real MAC address of the phone is associated with the phone during TAPS enrollment. TAPS enrollment occurs when the end user dials the CTI route point associated with the CRS server running TAPS. The end user enters the directory number of the phone, and the configuration file for that phone in the TFTP server is downloaded to the phone. TAPS is not recommended for deployments of fewer than 50 phones because of the amount of time required to set up TAPS.

Manual phone insertion is the easiest mechanism to configure, but it can be tedious and time consuming in a large deployment. The administrator must compile a list of the MAC address of the IP phones and ensure that this is correctly entered when creating device records for the phones. The MAC addresses of the phones can be added by bar-code scanning the MAC address UPC code on the back of the phone or on the phone box. Bar-code scanning requires the purchase of a USB-based bar-code scanning device.

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