Digit Manipulation

Users of a phone system need to communicate with a variety of destinations. Destinations are located within the same site, different sites within the same company, and other companies located within the same country or different countries. Completing various types of calls often requires dialing access codes or prefix numbers. It is often prudent to restrict users from dialing certain destinations that incur high costs, such as 1-900 numbers.

Users should be provided with a dial plan with the lowest amount of complexity. Digit manipulation, the ability of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) to add or subtract digits to comply with a specific internal or national numbering plan, is the key to providing transparent dialing and creating a unified dialing plan for end users.

This lesson describes digit manipulation tools that allow a CUCM administrator to implement flexibility and transparent dial plans. It describes external phone number masks, digit prefix and digit stripping, transformation masks, translation patterns, and significant digits.

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