Chapter Summary

The following list summarizes the key points that were discussed in this chapter:

■ In many call scenarios, it is required to manipulate the calling and called (dialed) string before routing the call.

■ CUCM digit manipulation configuration main elements are external phone number mask, digit prefix and stripping, transformation masks, translation pattern, and significant digits.

■ A CUCM external phone number mask designates the fully qualified E.164 address for the user's extension and is used to format caller ID information for outbound calls from the internal devices.

■ The Digit Prefix option prepends digits to a pattern, and the Digit Stripping option strips off digits from a pattern.

■ Transformation masks modify either the calling number or the called number (dialed digits).

■ Translation patterns can be used to either route or block certain patterns. When the digits match the translation pattern, CUCM performs the translation first before routing the call to another translation pattern or to a route pattern.

■ The Significant Digits feature instructs CUCM to pay attention to only the least-significant X digits of the called number for incoming calls from PSTN or from another CUCM cluster.

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