Chapter Summary

The following list summarizes the key points that were discussed in this chapter:

■ CUCM offers several features for call coverage, including call forwarding, shared lines, call pickup, and call hunting.

■ In CUCM, IP phone lines can be configured with Call Forward All, Call Forward Busy, Call Forward No Answer, Call Forward No Coverage, and Call Forward Unregistered.

■ Call hunting in CUCM uses the following elements: hunt pilots, hunt lists, line groups, and endpoints (lines and voice-mail ports).

■ Call-hunting options are configured per line group and specify how to continue hunting when the selected line group member does not answer. The distribution algorithms, also configured per line group, specify how to select a line group member.

■ During hunting, the hunt option, distribution algorithm, RNAR timeout, maximum hunt timer, and final forwarding settings are considered.

■ Call-hunting implementation includes configuration of IP phone lines, line groups, hunt lists, and hunt pilots.

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