Chapter Summary

The following list summarizes the key points that were discussed in this chapter:

■ Media resources are required for voice termination, audio conferencing, transcoding, MTP, annunciator, MoH.

■ There are no direct endpoint-to-endpoint audio streams if a media resource is involved.

■ Only some hardware-based conference bridges support mixed-mode conferences with participants using different codecs.

■ It is possible to configure external conference bridges to enhance the conferencing capabilities of CUCM.

■ If the Cisco IPVMS service is running, very few additional configuration steps are required to enable conferencing.

■ A maximum of 51 unique audio sources can be configured in a cluster. For a fixed audio source, a Cisco MoH USB audio sound card is required.

■ The MoH stream that an endpoint receives is determined by the user hold audio source of the device placing the endpoint on hold and the configured MRGL of the endpoint placed on hold.

■ The annunciator streams spoken messages and various call-progress tones to devices supporting SCCP.

■ The Media Resource Manager controls the media resources within a CUCM cluster. The media resources are shared within a cluster.

■ To limit media resource access, MRGs and MRGLs must be configured and assigned.

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