The redistribute Command Parameters

This table details the parameters of the redistribute command.




Source protocol from which routes are being redistributed. It can be one of the following keywords: connected, bgp, eigrp, egp, igrp, isis, iso-igrp, mobile, odr, ospf, static, or rip.


This value is an AS number, used for BGP, EGP, EIGRP, or IGRP. For OSPF, this value is an OSPF process ID.

match route-type

(Optional) For OSPF, the criterion by which OSPF routes are redistributed into other routing domains. It can be one of the following:

■ internal: Redistributes routes that are internal to a specific AS.

■ external 1: Redistributes routes that are external to the AS but are imported into OSPF as a type 1 external route.

■ external 2: Redistributes routes that are external to the AS but are imported into OSPF as a type 2 external route.

metric metric-value

(Optional) Parameter that specifies the EIGRP seed metric, in the order of bandwidth, delay, reliability, load, and maximum transmission unit (MTU), for the redistributed route. When you are redistributing into protocols other than OSPF (including EIGRP), if this value is not specified and no value is specified using the default-metric router configuration command, the default metric is 0, zero is interpreted as infinity, and routes are not redistributed. Use a value consistent with the destination protocol. The metric for EIGRP is calculated based only on bandwidth and delay by default.

route-map map-tag

(Optional) Identifier of a configured route map that is interrogated to filter the importation of routes from this source routing protocol to the current routing protocol.

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Bandwidth in kilobytes = 10000 Delay in tens of microseconds = 100 Reliability = 255 (maximum) Load = 1 (minimum) MTU = 1500 bytes

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