The same rules that apply to ACLs and route maps apply to VLAN maps. Rules such as there is implici tdeny any at the end of an ACL and so on all apply to VLAN maps. For more informatio how to configure route maps and ACLs and for configuration tips, see those appropriate sectio CCIE PSV1 and CCIE PSV2.

Controlling VLAN Access and Security with Protected Ports

Yet another way you can control acces s or enh ance security on th e Ca talyst 335130 is by using VLAN-ports. VLAN-protected ports can only talk to nonprotected ports. Traffic from one VLAN-protected p reach another VLAN-protected port. In Figure 1-36, Fast Ethernet 0/8 and 0/7 are VLAN-protected host cannot prng 1772.16 .o28.8, but it can p>ing 172.16.1283. The host and

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