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Attach all the routers to the switch a s il lustrated in Figure 1-38. You can use; either two Gigabit Ethernet co nnections taetwe en th e two switches or 100-Mb ps links. Your choice will not affect the operational ntdi lity of the late.

Recall from earlier the seven-step process for configuring the 3550 Ethernet switch. Step 1. Configure switch management.

Step 2. Configure VTP and VLANs and assign ports/interfaces to VLANs.

Step 3. Configure connections between switches using EtherChannel, 802.1Q, and IOL encapsulations.

Step 4. (Optional) Control STP and VLAN propagation.

Step 5. (Optional) Configure SVIs.

Step 6. (Optional) Configure routed ports.

Step 7. (Optional) Configure Layer 3 switching.

The first step is to configure switch management. This includes setting a host name, password, anc management address on the switch. Example 1-56 lists the management portion of walkerl. The configuration oN w alker2 would be ideNtical except for the IP address, which will be

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