Example 966 Community List Examples

ip community-list 1 permit no-export ip community-list 100 permit A645

ip community-list standard my-community permit local_as ip community-list expanded your-community permit 645$

The first community list matches any RIB table entry with the NO_EXPORT COMMUNITY attribute. "

second community list, list 100, matches any RIB entry with a COMMUNITY attribute beginning wit string 645. The third community list, list my-community, matches any RIB entry with the LOCAL-A COMMUNITY attribute. And the last community list matches any community ending with the string community lists are specified using a route map match statement. Table 9-9 shows the community commands and their descriptions.

Table 9-9. Well-Known BGP Community match Statements



match community {standard-list-number | expanded-list-number | list-name}

Matches a predefined community

Standard community lists range to 99.

Expanded community lists range 100 to 199.

match extcommunity {standard-list-number | expanded-list-number | list-name}

Matches extended multiprotocol community lists:

Standard lists range from 1 to 99 Expanded lists range from 100 tc

The next example shows how you can use the BGP COMMUNITY attribute to set and filter BGP com InExample 9?-67, y ou can see that the Kimberly router is using the commnnity route map to set twc communities.

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