Example 43 show memory dead Command

Router#show memory dead

Head Total(b) Processor 811E15FC 6416900 I/O 1800000 8388608 Processor memory Address Bytes Prev. Next

3884876 2532024 2495784 2508960


6821800 6819308


8120E740 812A3F44 812A8C0 0 812A8DDC

64 812 0E6E8 8120E7AC 1 92 812A3EB0 812A3FCC 1

Ref PrevF NextF Alloc PC What

808AF3AC CEF process 801D4 870 TTY timer block

24 812A8BBC 812A8C44 1

24 812A8D9 8 812A8E20 1

8 0 8AF3AC CEF process 8 0 8AF3A0 CEF process

In addition to displaying the memory summary and memory allocated for dead processes, it is also helpful to check for memory allocation failures, using the show memory failures alloc command. This command displays any memory allocation failures, which, when gathered over a period of time, might indicate a need to increase the amount of memory. Under normal circumstances, this command should not have any output.

As a rule, routers should never run at a constant high processor or memory load. There are a number of beliefs about how one should judge the processor and memory utilization of their routers. Generally, as a precautionary method, before performing any QoS feature additions, make sure that your routers can handle the additional load added by the new QoS techniques. If your router's memo ry utilization is already high, adding new features, even those as simple as a change in switching modes, such as Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF) switching, may push the router over its limits. After you have verified that the router has the basic capabilities to perform the functions that you require, using the processor and memory commands just shown, or you have iderttified the need for a router upgrade or replacement, next verify that the router has enough interface capacity to handle the proposed traffic load. The next section covers router interface performance evaluation. This section shows you how to identify interface hardware and cable faults, traffic bottlenecks, and the efficiency of the route switch-mode selection.

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