Example 26 show ip ospf database Command

ringo#show ip ospf database

OSPF Router with ID ( (Process ID 7)

Router Link States (Area 0) Link ID ADV Router Age Seq# Checksum Link count 1005 0x8000000B 0x18D8 1 1027

Net Link States (Area 0) ADV Router Age 1005

Link ID

Link ID

0x8 00 0 0 00A 0x7017 1

Seq# Checksum

0x8 00 0 0 00A 0x7 5DA

Type-5 AS External Link States

ADV Router Age 1027 1027 1027 1027 1027 1027 ringo#

Seq# Checksum Tag

0x80000009 0x10E0 500

0x80000009 0xD2 8 5 3

0x80000009 0x3BA6 500

0x80000009 0x2 91B 3

0x80000009 0x1E2 5 3

0x80000009 0x8BB0 500

Examining the route table of a downstream OSPF router, such as clanton, you can see the effects o metric-tyide type-1 c omma nd. Notlce in EExam ule 20-6 tuat mhe 1772.16.2.0/2-4,, a laa.16.l6 .4/30 rolrtes are OSPF externa| tyee 1 routes. Normally, or by defaul t, the route! would I external type 2 route s. For mone infor Siation on the different li nk-state advertis ement (LSA) types use, refer to CCIE Practical Studies,Volume I. You will learn more about the various set commands upcoming section. Example 2-7 lists the forwarding table of the clanton router.

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