Example 24 Forwarding Route Table of the ringo Router

ringo#show ip route

C is directly connected, Loopback20 is variably subnetted, 6 subnets, 2 masks

D [90/1812992] via, 00:07:13, Ethernet0

D [90/1812992] via, 00:07:13, Ethernet0

D [90/2195456] via, 00:07:13, Ethernet0

D [90/1787392] via, 00:07:13, Ethernet0

C is directly connected, Ethernet0

D [90/307200] via, 00:07:14, Ethernet0


Example 2-5 lists the configuration of the route map) on the ringo router. Example 2-5. Configuration of the ringo Router i interface Loopback20 ip address

i interface Ethernet0 ip address

i router eigrp 65001 network network no auto-summary no eigrp log-neighbor-changes

router ospf 7 log-adj acency-changes redistribute eigrp 65001 subnets route-map set_tag3 network 172.1(5. 10.10 area 0 default-metric 10

Route-map called access-list 5 permit access-list 50 permit any

Match route only "Match all remaining routes route-map set_tag3 permit 100 match ip route-source 5 set tag 3

Match routes from / ACL 5 "set the tag to three route-map set_tag3 permit 200 match ip address 50 set metric-type type-1 set tag 500

'Second Route-map instance 'Call access-list 50 to match all routes 'Set OSPF route type to External Type-1 'Set the tag to 500 for these routes

In the precgding ex ample, the second ins tance of the route m ap calls ACL 50. Ac cess I ist 50 will all remaining ro utes to pe redistr ibuted and will set a tag of 500 and the metr ic- type; to an OSPF type-external.

By viewieg the OSP F database, you can clearly se e the tags and how redist ribution is woreing. Exa Semonstra tes the show ip ospn data base comma nd on the ri ngo router.

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