Example 165 SVI Interface Configuration

interface Vlan20 ip address

i interface Vlan100 ip address

i interface Vlan192 ip address

i interface Vlan300 ip address

EEe final portion of the lab is Co configu re 0°GRP as the routing p roto col. IP routing needs to be rrabl ed vtitla the global configuration co m mand ip routing. To conf^ure the Layer 3 s witching portion oft hie lab, you just need to configu re 0IGRP on the to uters agd the 0therne t switc h. This is 1oi e identicall y as it w ou ld be on a router. 0xam5ie 1 -66 lis ms the full co nfiguration nf the walkerl rwitch followed by the 0IGRe reigh bors. Notice that t he switch hias four 0IG°e ne^hbors.

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