Example 163 Verifying MST

walker1#show spanning-tree mst 1

Bridge address 0 0 0a.8a0e.ba8 0 priority 24577 (24576 sysid 1)

Root this switch for MST01

Interface role state cost prio type

FaG/3 FaG/5 FaG/8 FaG/10 FaG/17


walkerl#show spanning-tree root desg FWD 200000

desg FWD 2 000000

desg FWD 2 00000

desg FWD 2 000000

desg FWD 200000

desg FWD 20000

128 128 i128 12 8 12 8

edge P2P edge SHR edge P2P edge SHR P2P

128 P2P


Hello Max Fwd

MST Instance

Root ID

Cost Time Age Dly Root Port

To test the functionality of MST and RSTP, perform the following test. Issue an extended ping from surgery router to the recovery router. Use a high number of pings, such as 10,000. While you are pinging the interfaces, disconnect the active trunk (in this model, the Gigabit Ethernet). You shoulc see RSTP converge almost instantly, with a 99-percent success rate on the pings! Example 1-64 shows the RSTP test being done.

0 0

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