Example 162 Configuring MST and RSTP on the walker1 Switch

walker1(config)#spanning-tree mst config walker1(config-mst)#name walker walker1(config-mst)#revision 1 walker1(config-mst)#instance 1 vlan 2-300 walker1(config-mst)#exit

<—Enter MST configuration mode <—MST name

<—MST revision number <—assign VLANs 2-300 to instance 1 <—apply changes ¡important!

walkerl(config)#spanning-tree mst 1 root primary ^Set root for instance 1 walkerl(config)#spanning-tree mode mst ^enable MST

You can verify the status of MST with the show spanning-tree mst 1 and the show spanning-tr root commands, as demonstrated in Example 1-63. You should see VLANs 2 through 300 in MST instance 1, and MST instance 1 should be the root for MST. In this model, the MAC address 000a.8a0e.ba80 is the; root.

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