Example 156 Management Portion of walkerl Thus

hostname walkerl ! Set the hostname !

enable secret 5 $1$nt35$131XBSgKT6BmA1KHMqj1V1 ! Enable Secret=cisco !

interface Vlan1 no ip address shutdown

interface Vlan192 ! MNGT VLAN and IP

ip address <<text omitted>>>

The second step calls for you to configure VTP and VLANs. You need to configure a VLAN for any S\ access ports, and management VLANs. In this model, you need to configure five VLANs: VLANs 20, 100, 192, 200, and 300. On the 3550, you can do this from the global configuration mode with the commandvlanx. A name can be entered as well after entering the VLAN number. The VTP mode of walkerl is server, and walker2 will be the VTP client. The VTP domain is called walker, and the password is psv2. Ensure that the VTP domains are in the same case, along with the password. Domain name and password are case sensitive. Be sure that the VTP server's revision number is al higher than the VTP client's; otherwise, the two will not synchronize. The VTP domain and mode ca be configured from the VLAN database or the VLAN configuration mode. Example 1-57 demonstrate this being done on the walkerl switch.

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