Example 152 SVI and Routed Interface Configuration

i ip routing i IP routing must be enabled for routed INTs i interface FastEthernet0/10 no switchport i Disable switching ip address 255.255.255.G i Assign an IP address i

----------------------------------------SVI CONFIG----------*

interface Vlan2 ip address 255.255.255.G

interface Vlan100 ip address

i interface Vlan200 ip address; no ip redirects

The final portion of the lab is to configure 0IGRP as the routing protocol. IP was enabled during the step, so that is not necessary here. To configure the Layer 3 switching portion of the lab, you just r configure 0IGRP on the routers and the Ethernet switch. This is done identically as it would be on a HSRP can also be configured at this time. Once again, the syntax to configure HSRP on a switch is ■ a router. EEIE PdV1 has in-depth configurations of 0IGRP and HSRP; therefore, they are listed hen configurations. If you have questions on the configuration options used, refer to EEIE PdVl.Oxamp lists the full configuration of the tundra_switch1 followed by the route table of the switch and the 0 neighbors. Not ice that the switch has Oi ve 0 IGRP neigh bors.

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