Example 139 Configuration of RSTP and MST on the Yin Switch

yin_switch(config)#interface fast 0/3 yin_switch(config-if)#spanning-tree portfast ! enable portfast on the router port yin_switch(config)#spanning-tree mst configuration

! Enter the MST configuration mode yin_switch(config-mst)#name cisco ! MST region name yin_switch(config-mst)#revision 1 ! MST region revision yin_switch(config-mst)#instance 1 vlan 2-100 ! VLANs 2-100 assigned to Instance 1 yin_switch(config-mst)#instance 2 vlan 101-1005 ! VLANs 2-100 assigned to Instance 2 yin_switch(config-mst)#show current ! view current MST changes Current MST configuration Name [cisco]

Revision 1

Instance Vlans mapped

0 1,1006-4094

1 2-100

2 101-1005

yin_switch(config-mst)#exit ! commit current MST changes yin_switch(config)#spanning-tree mode mst ! enable MST mode yin_switch(config)#spanning-tree mst 2 root primary

! set MST instance 2 to root

% This switch is already the root bridge of the MST02 spanning tree mst 2 bridge priority set to 24576

Yoc can view and verify the MST states with the show spanning-tree mst0-15 [configuration | interface] command. This command displays detailed information about the MST instance, scch a: root priority, the MST interfaces, and the interface role; state and type are also listed. Example 1-4 demonstrates the show spanning-tree mst command on the yin switch.

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