Example 135 Dragon Switch Configuration

dragon_switch#show ip route

Codes: C - connected, S - static, I - IGRP, R - RIP, M - mobile, B - BGP D - EIGRP, EX - EIGRP external, O - OSPF, IA - OSPF inter area N1 - OSPF NSSA external type 1, N2 - OSPF NSSA external type 2 E1 - OSPF external type 1, E2 - OSPF external type 2, E - EGP i - IS-IS, L1 - IS-IS level-1, L2 - IS-IS level-2, ia - IS-IS inter area * - candidate default, U - per-user static route, o - ODR P - periodic downloaded static route Gateway of last resort is not set is subnetted, 5 subnets C is directly connected, FastEthernet0/8

D [90/156160] via, 00:00:16, FastEthernet0/8

D [90/156160] via, 00:00:09, FastEthernet0/8

C is directly connected, Vlan10

C is directly connected, Vlan100


dragon_switch#show ip eigrp neighbors

IP-EIGRP neighbors for process 2003

H Address Interface Hold Uptime SRTT RTO Q Seq Type

2 1 dragon_switch#

V1100 Fa0/8

By now, you can see what a powerful and versatile platform the Catalyst 3550 Intelligent Ethernet and why Cisco chooses to call it an intelligent switch. Because of the diversity of the Catalyst 3550 possible software configurations it can perform, one chapter could not possibly cover them. Instea< mini-novel on the 3550, this chapter has laid the necessary groundwork for configuring some bask features of the 3550. Layer 3 functionality—such as routing protocols, HSRP, IP ACL, and so on—is identical in terms of configuration as on a Cisco router. The knowledge of routing protocols you hav from other sources, such as CCIE PSV1 and other references, can easily be transferred and applied Catalyst 3550.

The remaining po oti on of tthis chapter covers some of the additional and optional features of the Ca Once again, due the vast array of configuration options available on the Catalyst 3550, it is imposs them in a single chapter. To cover some topics, such as multicast, the way they deserve and should woe ld require 100 pages, which is simply beyond the scope of this text. (However, they are import woithy ot stud y.) The following topk: list includes other features on the Catalyst 3550 that make it most versatile and powerful platforms available:

• Multicasr Laye 0 2 and Layer 3, IGMPv2, Cisco Group Management Protocol (CGMP), and Multi Registration (MVR)

• 802.1X port-based authenticatior

• 802.1Q tunneling

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