Example 126 Viewing Spanning Tree for VLAN

yin#show spanning-tree root

Vlan Root ID

Root Cost

Hello Max Fwd

Time Age Dly Root Port

VLAN0001 VLAN0 0 02 VLAN0 0 03 VLAN0 0 04 VLAN0 0 05 yin#

32768 0004.275e.f0c0

32768 0004.275e.f0c7

32768 0004.275e.f0c8

32768 0004.275e.f0c9

32768 0004.275e.f0c1

Theshow spanmng-tree command and its subcommand, show spanning-tree vlan, display det valuable information about spanning tree. There are a few variations of this command depending o information you may want. Example 1-2S lists a portion of VLAN 2 output from the show spannin command on the yin switch.

0 0

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