Example 125 Showing the Allowed VLANs on a Trunk

yin#show interface trunk

Port Mode Encapsulation Status

Fa0/3 on 802.1q trunking

Fa0/20 on 802.1q trunking

Po1 on 802.1q trunking

Port Vlans allowed on trunk

Fa0/3 1-4094

Native vlan 1 1 1

Fa0/20 1-2,1002-4094

Pol 1-4094

Port Vlans allowed and active in management domain

Fa0/20 1-2

Port Vlans in spanning tree forwarding state and not pruned

Fa0/20 1-2

Po1 1,192


Removing VLANs from the trunks is one way to control STP; for the switches that need redundancy you must use additional methods to control STP.

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