Example 11 Configuring the Management Interface on a Catalyst 3550

3550_switch(config)#interface vlan 1

3550_switch(config-if)#ip address

3550_switch(config-if)#no shut 3550_switch(config-if)#

00:07:25: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Vlanl, changed state to up

00:07:26: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Vlanl, changed state up

If configuring a manag ement a dd revs o n a VLAN othee than VLAN 1, you must ensure thg foil owing kefore th e ivterhace w¡ll become up and active.

1. The VLAN matching the interface must be in the VLAN database.

2. An i nterface with that VLAN mu st be up, or a trunk line must be up.

InExample 1-2, the management interface is on VLAN 128. For this interface to become active, you VLAN 128 on the switch, create the virtual interface called interface VLAN 128, and have an active VLAN 128. If a trunk is configured on the switch, the virtual interface also becomes active. Example demonstrates the configuration of a management interface on VLAN 128. Notice how VLAN 128 doe active until the physical interface FAST 0/10 becomes active.

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