Differentiated Services

Differentiated services, commonly referred to as DiffServ, provide a method of classifying packets i or classes of service (COS). Classes of service are defined by the values defined in the type of servi field of the IF3 header. The contents of this field were originally defined in RFCs 1122 and 1349, as ■ Precedence and Type of1 Service fields. Several working groups made many valiant attempts at pac classification methods, but most of these efforts were not realized until recently, when newer multi applications began to require more quality control and fine-tuning from the network. RFC 1349 def thro ugh 6 of the ToS byte as the Type of Service field with ToS definitions shown in Table 5-10. Th< was originally intended as a mechanism to classify packets into different service types by marking ■ application's network requirements for delay, throughput, reliability, and cost.

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