Controlling Multicast

When it comes to controlling multicast in networks, you face several issues and have several points at which you can control it. Such control is of particular concern when it comes to rati limiting. How/ can you rate limit multicast traffic? The short answer is, in several ways depending on the device performing the rate limiting.

On the Catalyst 3550, you can rate limit on a per-port basis with a function known as storm control. To make sure tha t multicast traffic occupies no morn than 10 percent of a particular port (or EtherChannel group), issue the following command:

Cat3550(config-if)#storm-control multicast level 10

On a router-- incl usive of WAN links;, you can ra te MpiO by issuing the ip mul ticast rate-limit (in | out) [group-list (ac/#)] [source-list(ac/#)]interfacefcbps command. If this command is not present, no rate limiting is being performed. If this command is present but no bandwidth i-set, the default is 0, mean ing no multi cast is al lowedi

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