Conserving Memory via BGP Configuration

BGP is a memory- an d processor-intensive protocol. At some point in your career, you will most likely run into a situation where you must run BGP on a router that does not have enough resources to support the existing BGP system requirements. A couple of options can help you handle with thie situaOiEn: Upgrade th e memory, upgra de the routne, fiHed incomin g routes, or limit the it umber o1: prefixes that BGP will accept. Assuming that you cannot immediately upgrade the router itself, the memory, or processor, your best options will be route filtering or limiting incoming B GF3 p ref ibus. Ex amp|e 9-1.00 sh ows t fie show ip bg p summary command output obtained by using an Internet looking glass on a real Internet router. (The IP addresses have been changed.)

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