Configuring VBRnrt Circuits

As the name implies, VBR-nrt circuits are designed to support traffic that does not require real-tim characteristics and can tolerate jitter and delay. Although ATM service level configuration is not rec router must Ire configured to support the proper ATM traffic-shaping values in order to provide the service provisioned by the ATM service provider. VBR-nrt VCs require three parameters to properly These include the following:

Each of these parameters is configured under PVC configuration mode using the following command vbr-nrtpcr scr[rnbs]

nee PCR, dcacribed in kbps, is the abso luCe p on date rhattOe ATM n etwoek will accept. The interfa Calue to throttl e traffic peaks and s moot a traffic so that rraCfic barsts wMl not be disc arded in the A" The SCR in toe sustrlned ratg that ehe ATM network wlN allow traffic to be trans ited at. The MBS, t nell s, is the maximum bu rst s ize that w CI be acc3ptedi

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