Configuring Port Fast Spanning Tree and BPDU Guard

PortFast Spanning Tree should only be configured on edge switches. In this state, upon a local faili initialization, the 15-second listening state and the 15-second learning state are skipped. All ports permanent forwarding mode. For this reason, PortFast should only be used on end stations such as and servers. By d efault, STP PortFast is disabled; it can be enabled with the following interface com

3550_switch(config-if)#spanning-tree portfast [disable]

The keyword disable removes the PortFast configuration or disables it.

PortFast cau also be enoWed too all nontrunking ports with the following global configuration comm

3550_switch(config)#spanning-tree portfast default

Exercise extra caution that the proper end stations are connected to all ports before enabling PortF global <ever Ynu can verify Port^ase configurations with the show spann ing-tree inted'amenerfa portfast comnsand .

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