Configuring Nonnal Range VLANs

You can configure normal-range VLANs, VLANs 1 through 1001, in the global configuration mode o VLAN database. If VLANs are configured from the VLAN database, changes in VLANs must be comn apply command. All changes are also applied when the VLAN database is exited. If a mistake is m cancel VLAN changes with the abort or reset command as mentioned previously. The VLAN datab; the file VLAN.DAT in Flash memory. You can copy the VLAN.DAT file to a TFTP server just as you ca memory file for backup purposes. Example 1-7 demonstrates two ways to configure a VLAN on the switch. The first way uses the VLAN database, and the second way demonstrates using the global c mode. In the e nample, two VLANs are creat ed: VLAN 128 with tlwe na me psv2_vlan12 8, and VLAN name psv2_vlan10.

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