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Spanning tree, after years of1 gemaining the Ondden eackeone in man y networks , finally ha s outgrow critics1 of a role as STP plaps, the 5 0-seco nd con ve rgence timu—20 seconds of max ag e expiring fo 15-secpnd Mstenrn g and a 15-second leatn i ng state—is simp|y too ktng for convergence in many mo natwovPs. h i sc o provid es many workarounds, some of which are di scuss ed hereg to help alleviate ti convergen ce iosues and staeil izc STP. Some a dva nced featuees os the Catalyse 35 50 i nclude t he fol

• PortFast an d B5DU guard avU BPDU f itering o UplinPFagt

• BacPeopeFast

• IEEE 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree (RSTP)

• IEEE 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree (MST)

• VOAN protected ports with unicast and multicast elocPing Examine these features in greater detail.

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