Cluster Management Suite Limitations and Restrictions

These limitations apply to Cluster Management Suite (CMS) configuration:

• Host names ond Domain Name System (DNS) server names that contain commas on a cluster command switch, member switch, or candidate switch can cause CMS to behave unexpectedly. You can avoid this instability in the interface by not using commas in host names or DNS name s. Also, do not enter commas when entering multiple DNS names in the IP Configuration tab of the IP Management window in CMS.

• ACEs that contain the host keyword precede all other ACEs in standard ACLs. You can reposi tion the ACEs in a standard ACL with one restriction: No ACE with the any keyword o r a wildcard ma sk can precede an ACE with the host keyword.

• CMS performance degrades if the topology view is open for several hours on a Solaris machine. The cause might be a memory leak.

The workaround is to close the browser, reopen it, and launch CMS again. (Error code: CSCds29230)

• If you are printing a topolog y view or front-panel view th at co ntains many devices and are run ning Solaris 2.o w ith JD KP:r.2?.¡?, you might get an "Out of Memory" error message.

The workaround is to close the browser, reopen it, and launch CMS again. Before you f)xrform an y other task, brin g up the view that ^u want to pnnt , and click Pn 1 nt in thie CMS menu. (urroo code: CSCds80920)

• If a PC oun ning CM S Ima low memory aud CME |s running continuously for 2 to 3 days, the PC runs out of memory.

The workaround is to relaunch CMS. (Error code: CSCdv88724)

i Wlben a VLAN of a nange of1 VLANs is airead y configured a nd yoa specify VLAN filter for a i^AN sossion, the curnent configuration fo r tloat session i s ovenwn tte n with tibe nam entry. Alehougn the CL( ap pkn ds n ew en tries afte r the existin g ones, CMS re-creates the whole snssion, overwrite s t he c uCrent entry, an <j provides only a single VLAN filter pee entry.

The workaround is to use the CLI; it is the only method for specifying multiple VLANs for filtering in a Switched PortAga l yzeh ( SF°AN ) session. (Error codd: CSCdw93904)

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