Cluster Limitations and Restrictions

These limitations apply to cluster configuration:

• When there is a transition from the cluster active command switch to the standby command switch, Catalyst 1900, Catalyst 2820, and Catalyst 2900 4-MB switches that are cluster members might lose their cluster configuration. You must manually add these switches back to the cluster. (Error codes: CSCds32517, CSCds44529, CSCds55711, CSCds55787, CSCdt70872)

• When a Catalyst 2900 XL or Catalyst 3500 XL cluster command switch is connected to a Catalyst 335150 switch, the command switch does not find any cluster candidates beyond the Catalyst 33550 sw itch if it is not a member of the cluster. You must add the Catalyst 3550 switch to the cluster. You can then see any cluster candidates connected to it. (Error code: CSCdt09918)

• When clustering is enabled, do not configure SNMP community strings of more than 59 bytes, or clustering SNMP might not work correctly. (Error code: CSCdt39616)

• If both the active command-switch and the standby command switch fail at the same time, the cluster is not a utomatically re-crea ted. Even if t here is a third passive command switch, it m ight not re-crea te all cluster members because it might not have all the latest cluster configuration information. You must manually re-create the cluster if both the active and standby command switches simultaneously fail. (Error code: CSCdt43501)

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