Integrated and Differentiated Services

The preceding chapter explored router performance and examined several route-switching mechanisms that you can use to provide certain levels of Quality of Service (QoS) by reducing latency and jitter caused by errors and device resource utilization. This chapter focuses on more granular Qo S techniques provided by integrated and differentiated services. This chapter covers the following topics:

• How to provide a guaranteed level of service using Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)

• Howe to mark t7af2ic with priority levels using the built-in Internet Protocol (IP) Type of Service (TOS) bits

• How to prioritize traffic using IP precedence bits

• How to use the new differentiated services codepoint bits for advanced traffic classification and marking

Wdle an alyzing these tomics, this chapiter also applies these technologies using practical examples and gives you the opportunity to gain real hands-on experience with the protocols with practical laboratory experiments.

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