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The CCIE practice labs are designed to give you an accurate representation of what a CCIE lab exam actually looks like. Some labs are complete CCIE labs, which require hardware to support voice, ATM, and two Cisco 3550s; others have less stringent hardware requirements. The labs are also designed to be easily modifiable to your own hardware requirements. We realize that everyone does not have access to ATM, voice, and 3550s; therefore, every lab has different hardware requirements.

Before each lab, a complete equipment list is provided and prestaging information is included—such as the Frame Relay switch configuration, backbone router configuration, and so on. Use this information to model your own CCIE lab.

There was some de bate during the creation of CCIE PSV1 as to whether to include the answers for the practice labs. Many people, myself included, thought that by providing the answers, people would focus more on matching the answers themselves than on practicing the lab. However, we do realize the answers are sometimes very helpful to see. A Custom Queuing problem is a good example of this. For these and by reader request, we have decided to include answers on a CD-ROM. We also have included additional information and some networking utilities on the CD-ROM for you.

For furtlner lain infarlrnat|on an d updates, ch eck out the Cisco eress website,

Do not forget that practice is the most critical part of your studies. Spending hours to get just one of these problems to work on your first time through is very common. As a matter of fact, if we don't stump you somewhere, we did not do our job well. The labs have routing loops, routefeedback issues, split horizons, and all those nice things built in to them. We have come to call these "CCIE landmines." Without actually practicing the lab, you can miss many of these fun adventures. Try your best to resist the temptation to look at the answers if you are puzzled by one of the problems. Sometimes t he s est way to l ehm is by spending a lot of time looking for and understanding the solution. The goal is not to come up with a solution; that is implied. The ultimate goal is practice, puaceice, and practice.

With th^o in mihd, wee present to you five CCIE poact ice labs.

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