C MS Notes

These notes apply to CMS configuration:

• If you use CMS on Windows 2000, it might not apply configuration changes if the enable pass chang ed from the CLI during your CMS session. You have to restart CMS and enter the new p when Nfompted. Platforms other than Windows 2000 prompt you for the new enable passwor it is changed.

• CMS does not display QoS classes that are created through the CLI if these classes have mult match statements. When using CMS, you cannot create classes that match more than one mj statement. CMS does not display policies that have such classes.

• If you use Internet Explorer version 5.5 and select a URL with a nonstandard port at the end o address (for example, www.add.com:84), you must enter http:// as the URL prefix. Otherwi cannot launch CMS.

• Within an ACL, you can change the seque nce of ACEs that have t hie host keyworp. However, such ACEs aoe independent of each other, the change has no effect on the way the ACL filters

• If you use the Netscape browser to view the CMS GUI and you resize the browser window whi is initializing, CMS does not resize to fit the window.

Resize the browser window again when CMS is not busy.

• CMS does not start if the temporary directory on your computer runs out of memory. This pro can occur because of a bug in the 1.2.2 version of the Java plug-in. The plug-in creates temp< files in the directory whenever it runs CMS, and the directory eventually runs out of plug-in sp

The workaround is to remove all the jar_cache*.tmp files from the temporary directory. The p the directory is different for different operating systems:

-Solaris: /var/tmp hWindsws NT and Windows 2000: \TEMP

-Windows 95 and 98: \Windows\Temp

Read-Only Mode in CMS

CMS provides two levels of access to the configuration options. If your privilege level is 15, you ha' write access to CMS. If your privilege level is from 1 to 14, you have read-only access to CMS. In tl only mode, some data is not displayed, and an error message appears when these switches are rui these software releases:

Catalyst 2900 XL or Catalyst 3500 XL member switches running Release 12.0(5)WC2 or earlie

• Catalyst 2950 member switches running Release 12.0(5)WC2 or earlier

• Catalyst 3550 member switches running Release 12.1(6)EA1 or earlier

In the front-panel view or topology view, CMT does not display error messages. In the front-panel the switch is running one of the software releases listed previously, the device LEDs do not appear. topology view, if the member is a Long-Reach Ethernet (LRE) switch, the customer premises equip (CPE) connected to the switch does not appear. The Bandwidth and Link graphs also do not appear these views.

To view switch information, you need to upgrade the member switch software. For information abc upgrading switch software, see the "Downloading Software" section.

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