Big Show for Route Maps

TTIE Prncticnl Studies,Volume I introduced what was called the Big Show and Big D. These terms v because the discussion focused on only a select few show and debug commands considered most

The Big Show/ and Big D commands for route maps are rather limited in their use. The best way to functionality! of1 route maps and policy routing is to actually see how they are performing by viewini route table and using traceroute commands. The show commands offered by Cisco are very gooc showing where the route map is applied and the logical order in which it is operated. The Big Show commands discussed here are as follows:

Theshow route-map command enables you to determine the logical order and execution of the ro If PBR is enar>ledr the co m mand al so s hows the num ber of matches aad the number of bytes that w policy routed. Working from the previous network models, Example 2-32 demonstrates the show i map command on the tombstone router.

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