BGP Route Dampening

BGProute dampening controls the effects of route flapping between E-BGP peers. Route dampening is generally used to help service providers prevent one customer's router or circuit problems from affecting the stability of the provider's network by withdrawing problem BGP routes. There are two ways to enable route dampening: The first is to globally enable route dampening for all BGP peers using the bgp dampening command; the second is to use a route map to specify certain routes that are to be dampened and the parameters that are to be applied to the dampened n etworks. The following syntax shows the bgp dampening command and its optional paeamlete4s.

bgp dampening [[route-maproute-map-name] | [half-life] |reuse-limit start-

suppress suppress-duration]]

Using the bgp dampening command, route dampening can be configured three ways:

• Global reute dampening using default panametera

• Global ro ute dampeninE u sing custom paeameters

• eoeciVc route dampenrng using custo m parameters

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