BGP Configuration Tips

When configuring and troubleshooting BGP, you will use a number of commands on a regular basis. You can use quite a few tricks to help you become more efficient with Cisco IOC Coftwarei For instance, you can use the Control (Ctrl) key in combination with other characters on thn keyboard as editing shortcuts. These shortcuts can save you time when you are in a hurry or art iGaving a bad d ay and yon fust can't type. These comm amds ate also helpfu1 in the evenI that you are requ i Ced to u se a term1 nal-emulation program that does not support the use of up and down arrows or other commands that you would normally use. Table 8-1 shows some of the icos-popular commands.

Table 8-1. Cisco IOS Software Shortcuts




Goe s to beginning of li ne


Moves back one character

Ctrl + E

Goes to e nd o f line

Ctr l + F

Moves forward one w ord

Ctrl + P

Repeats previocs line

Ctrl + Fl

Repa ints liae

Ctrl + U

Deletes e ntire line

Ctrl + W

Deletes last word

Another commonly overlooked command that can help you customize your use of Cisco IOC Coftware is the alias command. The alias command enables you to create command aliases, which are used to represent commonly used commands. You create aliases in global configuration mode using the following command:

aliasmode alias-name alias-string

InExample 8-4, you can see several command aliases used as shortcuts for various commonly used commands.

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