ATM The Other WAN Technology

One of the obstacles network professionals encounter on a regular basis is the introduction of new Although Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is not a new technology—the first ATM specifications developed in the early 1990s, and ATM hardware appeared soon after—and although most network have plenty of ex pe rience with other WAN protocols such as High-Level Data Link Controller (HDLC Relay, and X.25, many people are not as familiar with the newer ATM technologies. The goal of thi: not to repeat xae ATM information from Volume I of this series; this section is designed to provide . understandi ng of ATM rou tor performance and QoS technologies. This section explores the following topic's:

• Understan ding basic ATM concepts

• Comparing ATM and Frame Relay technologies

• ATM performance management (displaying interface data, and basic troubleshooting of ATM)

• Basic ATM QoS on Cisco routers (concepts, application, and troubleshooting)

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