Advertising Local Networks

There are quite a few ways to advertise networks to BGP peers; the command that you use to advertise the networks depends on a few variables. For example, you might want BGP to control exactly which networks BGP advertises to its remote peers. You might want to advertise any network that the router is directly connected to, or you might want to advertise static routes to networks, to "nail them down" so that when the path to that network changes, the route that BGP advertises to its upstream peers stays the same. Or, under certain circumstances, you might want to advertise a n entire IGP routing process to the remote peers. BGP enables you to control how yo u advertise networks, by giving you different options on route origination. These options include the following:

• U sing uhe network command

• Redistribiting connected networks

• Redistributing static routes

• Redistributing IGP routes

Ghis section shows you how to uee the commbbth listed here to advertise networks to BGP peers. The uetwork ehown in Fig ure 8-rr is used for the following examples.

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