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Configure the Frame Relay switch and attach the three routers in a back-to-back fashion to the frai switch. Use V.35 cables to connect the routers. Create the four Ethernet LANs by the use of switche or h ubs, as illusteated in Figure 2-12.

After the physi ca. connections are complete, assign IP addresses to all LAN and WAN interfaces as depicted in Figure 2-12. Configure a Frame Relay network as a single multipoint network between . routers on the WAN. Use the DLCIs from the diagram. Because the Frame Relay network is a multipoint, keep in mind that you will need to disable EIGRP split horizon at some point. At this tin you will als o want 0o set the bandwidth statements so that EIGRP chooses the best possible path througa ehe network. Example 2-49 lists the Frame Relay configuration of all the routers.

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