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If you fail the CCIE Security written exam, don't worry about the result. You can still take advantage of the situation. While the test is fresh in your mind, jot down problem areas on a notepad (the sooner you make notes for yourself the better). Try to remember questions you felt less comfortable with and study those areas before taking the exam again.

The CCIE Security written exam is not an easy exam to pass. In fact, this exam ranks among the toughest networking exams in today's certification market. If you really want to be a CCIE, a first-attempt failure should not discourage you. A failed attempt should encourage you to invest in some serious study time so that you can pass on your next attempt. A number of candidates have noted that the second attempt is much easier than the first. Remember that the reason Cisco Systems makes the written exam hard is to ensure that you are fully prepared for the challenging lab exam.

That's it for pointers. Next are some frequently asked questions about the written exam, followed by some bonus information on the lab exam.

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