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This appendix is designed to assist you in your final preparation for the lab portion of the most popular CCIE certification to date, CCIE Routing and Switching (CCIE R&S).

This second bonus version of the R&S lab examination contains only four routers, for those readers who do not have access to a large number of routers. This sample lab has been added after receiving many e-mails from readers who bought the previous edition of this book. I hope that it proves to be a useful alternative to helping you gauge your readiness for the lab exam. Feel free to send me your feedback so that I can continue to improve the quality of sample lab exams for the future.

The following are some general guidelines typical of any CCIE lab examination:

■ Static and default routes are not permitted unless directly stated in a question. This includes floating static routes (static routes with a defined administrative distance) and static routes to Null0

■ Routes generated by any routing protocol are permitted; if you are unsure, ask the instructor.

■ All router host names; basic IP addressing; and passwords on the console, auxiliary, and virtual terminal lines have been preconfigured.

■ The Catalyst 3550 switch has preconfigured prompt and enable passwords. All preconfigured passwords are cisco and should not be changed unless explicitly stated in a question.

■ Do not change any predefined passwords.

■ There is no partial grading in this examination unless stated in the question.

■ If you are unsure about a question, ask the instructor. The instructor may or may not answer your question.

■ Each router is assigned a loopback address of the form 133.33.YY.YY/24, where YY is the router number. For example, for R1 the loopback address is, for R2 the loopback is, and so forth.

■ If any given router requires secondary addressing, you are permitted to configure this address. However, the question may or may not specifically identify this feature.

Figure D-1 displays the sample four-router CCIE lab topology with Routers R1 through R4. The core of the network is connected to Frame Relay, with ISDN providing a backup mechanism between R2 and R3. You are required to configure the routers in Figure D-1 along with a Catalyst 3550 switch (not shown).

Figure D-1 CCIE Lab Topology

Figure D-1 CCIE Lab Topology

Sample Ccie Route Switch Lab Layout

A major difference between this lab and the one in Appendix C is that a point-scoring system is in place rather than time allocation. There are 100 points available for these exercises. For questions with a 0 point value, the feature is assumed knowledge and is typically preconfigured and not required in the real exam. However, I have purposely included these here to ensure that you are 100 percent ready for anything and ensure that you have the basic competencies required for any future CCIE.

This lab ensures that you have the best of both worlds by combining an approved CCIE lab (Appendix C, "Sample CCIE Routing and Switching Lab I") with a lab written by a former CCIE proctor (this appendix). There are no solutions provided; this is a request of the CCIE department of Cisco for any CCIE sample labs. E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any questions. The aim of the lab is to provide a working solution.

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