QoS Configuration 4 Points

R1 requires congestion control. Configure R1 for the following Frame Relay parameters:

■ Your provider will mark any traffic in excess of 128 kbps as discard eligible.

■ Your measurement interval is 62.5 ms.

Security and NetBIOS Filtering (26 Points) 667

■ Users on VLAN 2 are using the network to download large FTP files and also using Kazaa for unauthorized data transfer. Configure the Ethernet interfaces on R1 and R2 so that the following conditions are met:

— All FTP data traffic is allocated 10 percent of total bandwidth.

— All FTP control traffic is allocated 5 percent of total bandwidth.

— All non-FTP network traffic is allocated only 1 percent of total bandwidth.

— Any assumptions that are made must be outlined on R3. Use the description command to outline your assumptions.

Configure the core Frame Relay network (R1/R2 and R3) so that all traffic received with the IP precedence critical must be given the highest priority. You may use priority queuing to accomplish this task.

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