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You can use any combination of routers and switches to complete this lab as long as you fulfill the requirement for a properly routing and secure topology. If you do not have some of the equipment, the example displays will show you what you should expect to see in a working CCIE lab topology, which will be an invaluable resource and study guide.

NOTE As of July, 2004, the hardware types you can expect to see in the real CCIE Security lab exam, as documented by Cisco, are as follows:

■ 2600 series routers

■ 3600 series routers

■ 3700 series routers

■ Catalyst 3550 series switches running Cisco IOS version 12.1EA

■ Certificate Authority support

■ Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS)

■ Cisco Secure Intrusion Detection System

■ vPN Concentrators

Because Cisco IOS can be driven by various different platforms, you can simulate the real environment in this lab scenario even if you cannot match exactly the Cisco-recommended devices used in this lab. Simply substitute as best as you can a Cisco IOS-enabled device with the Security and VPN software feature set, especially in terms of routers and switches presented in this chapter. There is no vPN Concentrator in this sample lab because the configuration of this device is relatively easy compared to the IOS security features on the router, PIX, and the IDS.

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