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NOTE From October 1, 2001 onward, a CCIE candidate is not required to physically cable up the lab network. Therefore, no time allocation is given to this section, which is added for completeness only.

The Security lab examination also will have some elementary tasks such as Frame Relay and basic IP routing preconfigured to allow the candidate more time to configure more advanced features in Cisco IOS software. This is a great time saver for the candidate.

Your network is already physically patched. Construct your network, as shown in Figure D-1. Configure the following characteristics for the topology in Figure D-1:

■ A Frame Relay switch connects all serial links between routers. Use only the indicated DLCIs in Figure D-2 and disable Frame Relay inverse ARP for IP only.

■ Routers R2 and R3 are connected to an ISDN service with the switch type defined as basic-5ess. R2 connects to number plan 0298017705 and R3 connects to number plan 0296307050.

■ Routers R1 through R4 are connected to the Catalyst Ethernet switch (Catalyst 3550 series switch), according to Table D-1.

Table 8-1 Ethernet Interface Connections to the 355Q


Catalyst 3SSC Port

R1 Ethernet 0/0


R2 Ethernet 0/0


R3 Ethernet 0/0


R4 Ethernet 0/0


Backbone segment 1


Backbone segment 2


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